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Memorial Day 2012.....

To the heroes who have sacrificed for the good of our country, a nation provided by GOD, for us to dwell in:

No man or woman has sacrificed so much for so many. It is with gratitude that we are able to sleep well at night, take our children to school, tuck them into bed safely, and dream of tomorrow's tomorrow. You are heroes who may be parents as well.

You and your family have made sacrifices that make it possible for us to send this message.  We acknowledge both you and your family.   

We too dream of a safer world and a safer future. We can only imagine the costs of innocence, virtue, and humility as well as the price of rage and those who are lost along the way.  There can be no real awareness to our children, only that one of our neighbors has left to secure our passage to a future; a possibility that can only be thought of, dreamed of, and to be exercised as well as the rights of any human being and any nation, new or old.

This land of milk and honey is proof of a country’s treasures.  Within its’ boundaries, you will find character, truth and a love that is founded on principals as well as a constitution, faith and family.   You will also discover desires for a better and brighter future that will always be fought for because every blade of grass that is grown is manifesting hope.

Hope is known to some as a dream.  The flavor of a nation is its’ character.  The years may pass and the nation’s resolve will not waver.   It is freedom that rings the bells of truth and is seeded in its’ soil. These seeds are of a truth that resounds in growth, in a future that can only be dreamt of in the present time.  The dream will manifest as it is worked for, step by step. Those who have so gallantly fought and sacrificed so greatly will be rewarded in kind by present and future generations.  WE SALUTE YOU.

Sincerely and with much gratitude,




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